Still open for more modelers!

it’s my proud announcement to let you all know that my team of modelers has grown from 1 to about 6 in the spam of a mere few weeks!

but don’t let that discourage you, as I still need more folk! if you’re skilled in programming, you’ll be an even greater asset to the team, so then, come forth once more, men and women of blender! your Uncle Sham needs you!

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hello i am not full time in this stuff but i can work with you a little, its there any chance that with this game we will get money along the development? here is my portfolio if you wanna check it out!

By the time we start working on that game, you bet! (right now though, with it being a 40k game, I think it’d be best to save it.

what do you mean with saving?

as in, we’re not gonna work on it yet. but don’t fret, cuz if we work on my full idea list, you’ll have a fair share of games under your belt.

i am not interested of earning free games, i prefer money instead…

Oh, welp. Sorry!

Hello !
Is the team still open ?

Of course! three of my modelers must’ve gotten last-minute second thoughts. So, by all means, yes, we’re open. as long as you can stay dedicated, we’re actually beginning work on a game, so you’re just in time!

I make video game guns do I qualify

When we get to the shooter, yes! but uhhh, unless you model other things, I don’t think we’ll need you yet. Not trying to be mean, but, y’know.

You intend on paying people by giving them a copy of the game you’re making?

I reckon that would work, yes.

I wouldn’t mined joining. You can see my work here:

I some game dev experience too:

“Not bad Kid…”

Anyways, if you wanna join, I’ll be happy to give you a link to the discord!

Yes, pm me a link. My art has been more on the cringey side lol

hey im new to blender , if you need some modelling done i can give it a shot . ive done models in maya before . itll be a great exercise for me

what type of model you need ?? … high poly …low ? with or no texture ?

I’m doing all the texturing work so, No texturing unless you REALLY want to. Since they’ll be in a game, low-poly is fine. Necessary I might even say.

Grand! Lemmie know when you’re ready and I’ll give you a link to our Discord.