Still shots from an animated WIP

Hi guys. I’m working on a 15-ish minute animated film and we’ve modeled a few of the environments. Here are two, a security room and an industrial employee break room of sorts, as well as the lead character.


This is the break room:


Comments and critiques (preferably constructive) are welcome! Specifically, I wouldn’t mind tips for how to improve textures, lighting, even modeling. We’re going for a kind of “Tim Burton meets Pixar” effect, please bear that in mind that when offering tips. :smiley:

PS - I haven’t finished modeling all the objects for these scenes so if there’s anything you think I should add to make it look more like an old building where people don’t really maintain things or clean up after themselves, let me know!

I like the idea of still shots as a story board. A 3d comic book? 15 min. x 60 seconds = 900 frames. seems like a big bite at one frame per sec.

Hmm, Quaz I’m confused by what you mean. These are just some test renders from the environments we’re working on. Not necessarily intended for storyboarding; we’re going way old fashioned for that, pencil and paper all the way. I just thought I’d post some stills and get some feedback on my progress.

In the end we’ll be rendering at 24 fps, so we’re looking at way (way) more than 900 frames.

21600 frames at 24 FPS, I recommend managing this in scenes ya know instead of rendering one continuous animation, which you may already be doing scenes, but just sayin :slight_smile:

Uhmm i think you should add just general trash, candy wrappers, chip bags, pop/beer cans etc.
Right now your scenes look great and very detailed!

GJAnders, oh yessir! i spose we’ll be crossing the format bridge when we get to it, but for now i figure we’ll be rendering openEXR and using either the VSE or Ramen to composite. that’s just my guess though. this is the first large scale animation project i’ve been a part of, so we’re figuring out the nuts and bolts of it as we go along.

it’s a pretty involved story, with several very different scenes, so we’re managing them by having separate blend files for each environment and i presume we’ll render each sequence separately.

that’s a good thought, i’ll have to scatter some trash around. i could also use more ideas of objects to clutter up the scene a bit more. like objects from the 1940’s/50’s that you might find in a factory…?