Still Struggling With Transparent Texture

I have two texture files. One is a pavement texture and the other is a transparency with road markings drawn out on it that I want to overlay on the pavement texture. This is for the BGE so I want to avoid using Cycles. Someone tried showing me how to do this with nodes in Blender Render but it doesn’t work for me, possibly because I don’t have a graphics card or my computer just sucks. :ba:

I have downloaded Krita (image editor) and started playing around with it, but I can’t seem to get it to do this for me unless I redraw all the road markings in that program as a layer over the pavement texture file. I don’t want to do that. I can’t seem to get Krita to load both texture files as separate layers, so maybe it can’t do it that way either. I don’t know.

So I guess I need some more help with this. It would be REALLY nice and save me a lot of time and frustration if someone could just do it for me, but that might be asking too much. But in case someone is willing, here are the files:

road markings 1.png (I don’t know if alpha channel is on in the file because I don’t know how to tell for sure unless I can actually make a transparency!)

road texture 00.jpg

Of course, I would rather be able to learn how to do this so I know how to do it again later.


Like usual, I post asking for help and then I figure it out moments later. I was able to do it in Krita.

Easiest way to tell if there is alpha in (png; jpegs do not have alpha channel at all) image is Blender’s UV editor. If all you see clicking on this button is white - there is no alpha information in file.

I thought PNG had alpha. I read that was why it’s better than JPG.

PNG is capable of storing an alpha channel. That does not mean every PNG image uses an alpha channel.

That’s what I meant… PNG has an alpha channel.

I might have put this not clear enuf. PNGs, yes, alpha but not granted there is such present. JPGs - no alpha.
PNGs are superior by having non lossy compression compared to jpegs too.