still stuck

First and foremost i wish to offer my apologies on my last post. Maybe i didn’t go about asking for help the right way.

I am still stuck on the same tutorial as of last week. enclosed with this thread is the gamekit tutorial that i am working on and the .blend file as well. if you go to page 83, you will see where i am stuck at. Unfortunately, the .pdf did not come with any reference files so i had to wing it in some spots. In the scene you will have a sphere, a plane with some of the faces extruded to serve as walls, and 2 cameras.

This is where I am having problems. If you move the ball towards one of the extruded walls and continue to hold the direction key, the ball will climb up the wall. The solution that is provided as per the tutorial on page 83 by filling out the MA: feild of the touch sensor of the sphere. I have already have an image texture assigned to the plane and both names correspond (i made sure of that). but when you go live with the game engine, the ball still climbs, the wall.

As a work-around i created a cube, sized it up to be a wall. Now this where the problems lie; the ball STILL climbs up the wall but does not with the modified cube. Now, I know what some of you will say, “Why not get rid of the extruded faces and create your barriers with the cube?” which i will. however, this may pose as a problem in future projects if this goes unchecked. but before i pursue the alternative solution i want to make sure that i am doing this tutorial correctly and i want to make sure that i am not the only one that is experiencing this.

you can get both files here

i’m not sure if this’ll help, but the MA: sensor doesn’t respond to UV Tex or Tex’s at all. You must type in the name of your material. It will not appear in the MA Sensor if you have typed it incorrectly. Dunno if that helped?

Edit:// Just tried what you said, but my ball didn’t climb the walls? it bounced around a lot and funkily, but didn’t ever get over the walls

And add a material to your ball…and some friction, maybe?!

how do i go about adding friction?