Still Waiting

This is an experiment to test V-Ray in Blender. It seems I need some more practice with V-Ray but overall it’s not half that bad. Originally there was a character in the scene but I’m having some trouble rendering the skin when it’s farther from the camera.

Well, enjoy!

P.S. I know the treads are not that visible. I plan on modeling them and re-rendering with better settings but after a 10 hour wait I think I’ll leave this for some other time.

Edit: I just noticed there’s no AO on the column behind the windshield. Damn!

I find hard to believe somethimes that this kinds of work receive no answear, this si perfect I really liked it congratulations!

Thanks but it’s hardly perfect (for the reasons I pointed out). Like I said I’ll be re-rendering this. Just not sure when.

wow that’s really great!! :smiley:

It’s definitely on the good side, for a first rendering. Please, check dimensions (e.g., cans and windshield frame), they look weird to me. Altogether, a good model, and nicely placed.

The buckets, cans and cigarettes are scaled in real dimensions. I agree about the windshield frame - the blueprints were a bit confusing in that part so i had to improvise a little. Still could’ve spent a bit more time. Oh, well I’ll do it for the next render. Thanks for your comment.

that’s incredible work! Are the rims supposed to be dark grey or dirty… IMHO I think they’d look better dirty chrome.

Not sure why it turned out that way. I seem to be having some trouble with the anisotropy in V-Ray. Yes, I think chrome with some dirt would be better next time.