Still wet maps?

Is there a way I can give the effect of something that already has droplets on itself? Basically I’d like to create the effect in this video, but as a still texture on a shoe for a walking animation.

Any grey scale texture map can be used to recreate this effect.

All he’s doing is using the animated rain drop texture to drive darkening of the floor texture colour and increase the glossiness.

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Okay! I guess that makes more sense now. Thanks! :wink:

Like @moony said, B&W texture map where black is dry, white is wet. Using that mix your material with the same material (for example principled) but with increased saturation and lowered value (brightness), and slightly reduced roughness (or even more if you want water to be on the surface, experiment with clearcoat).

Here’s example from me, you can also use color ramp to modify the wet and water covered area.

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Saturation and value modulation is mostly for surfaces that soak up water. I’ve not been too successful adding water droplets using material only; i.e. voronoi and noise to create droplets and masks to drive clearcoat and bump. Btw, clearcoat roughness is broken, can’t be mapped in the low end. Better off using a mix shader and proper glossy I think.

For actual droplets you would have to displace material, but on side-view that would be seen incorrectly (shoe would be displaced instead of transparent water).
Also, I would not use noise/voronoi for droplets. That would not give a good result, anywhere near.
For droplets I would use… particles. :wink: