still with the hair (animation)

ive figured out most of the things, and i can now make realistic looking hair, with animation. My problems are with wind forces. what ive done is ive made a few paths and applied softbodies to them, i then made them to be urve guides for the hair…all very well, but i dont know how to set a second force to the paths. Ive tried selecting all of them at once, then creating the force, that works but then the force is parented or something to the object where the particles are emmited from even though the force is still aplied to the curves. Then i cant move the force around etc.

Also, now that the new version of blender is available, it is much easier to do collision. But unfortunately i dnt have a clue how :(, im also wondering if you can use it on static particles, otherwise the hair would just blow through the head

please help me with my problems…pleeeaassee

  1. how do you make a force, that is not parrented to an object but still affects it, so you can move it around etc without the object moving

  2. how do you apply collision detection to static particles or curves?

I think what you are takling about is applying forces to the curve guides.

Try instead, creating an empty and applying the force to it, then move it around and see how it affects the curves.

There’s a recent post here with a video tutorial for using curve guides for hair and applying forces as well. I downloaded the tute, but can’t remember where from.

Anyone remember? Hang on, I’ll try a search…

HERE it is! (near the bottom of the page)

thanks, but that doesnt exactly solve my problem.

I was already using the curve guides, i also added softbodies to thyem and made them fall to gravity. you olved my one problem with the empties but the MAJOR problem is that the particles will go right through the emitterwhen it follows the curve guide and if you are going to put a head underneath the emitter…the particles will fall through it as well, so you only see the bottom halve of the particles.

My guess is to add colision, i dont think that you can use the physics engine for this. What is the deflection with ‘particles’ used for, maybe i can use that.

Ive also tried deflection with the curve, i placed the curve on top of a sphere, but this only helps a little and it takes a looong time.

Sorry for the long reply