stills: dorm room project phase 1

(stephen2002) #1

I have completed phase 1 of my Dorm Room Project. This conists of 2 stills depicting inside and outside space. Go here for more information and the pictures:

(Sutabi-old) #2

wow, the lighting is great in those images! And the bed is really nice its hard to get bed sheets to look real, but you seemed to have pulled it off. You also got some other nice work as I can see. Keep on blending!

Note: you seems to have great 3d perspective when it comes to modeling objects I love the car is the palm very complex meshes i am guessing

Also i usally dont even post in these forums I am usally in the chatbox, but yours is worth a comment, cant wait to see the finished project.

(stephen2002) #3

most of my modeling work is high-poly, so yes the palm and car are complex meshes.

I tend to spend the most time on modeling, lighting, and texturing, then get sick of a project for the animation phase.

I will try not to do this with the dorm room project.

(slikdigit) #4

A nice effect I see at my old university is with their night time lighting: orange cast street lights on the outside and blue-green neon in the inside.
the color saturation really is intense, and the hot/cold contrast is fantastic. You might want to give something like that a shot? anyway, good stuff so far.