Stills from Animated Short in Production

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here, I don’t seem to see the old timers like TheIceman and such. Anyways, I’m just here to post some still shots from an animation I’m currently producing. I’m aiming for a May 2005 release, but hopefully I’ll have a trailer out by late August. I have a Production Blog in my website updated quite regularly to document the progress of the film. Here’s the LINK
The short film is mainly 2-D characters with 3-D/CG effects using Blender and/or Maya. The story is quite dark, ala Mamoru Oshii/Satoshi Kon (who are my main influences). Anyways, here are the pics:

Comments, rants, raves?


The still’s look really cool.

Any chances of seeing a clip of the actual animation?

Looks good (and dark) - the background blur is too much in my opinion…

they are superb! are you in irc sometimes? how did you do this… I mean the manga? I really want to know this technique… :smiley:

Hey Isopod!
Those stills are great, but man it looks depressing! :slight_smile:

Your statement above promted me to do a servey to see who’s still around!

Looks really interesting. At first I thought you meant the chars were 2D rendered 3D elements, and I almost lost my jaw, but I reread your post and realize they’re 3D. very nice look you’ve got going there, I’d like to see more shadow grounding the characters; right now they seem a little floaty.
Its interesting to see you’re using two 3D packages, as well as compositing 2d and 3d elements together. Is the gun a 3D element? If it is , you’ve done a great job fitting it in with character.
Good luck on the short ( and nice influences) I’m looking forward to your results.

Yeah, you suggested a story in just four stills.

I think that if the main characters are “toons,” it will be good to use a little “tooning” on the background too. I’m really making reference mostly to Frame #2, where there are no “hard” lines in the background. The wall behind the seated character looks more realistic than the character himself.

The characters should look like they belong there; that Toon is the “reality” of this world; that this Toon character was not superimposed upon a more realistic world. When you do that, it looks so much like a composite that it’s harder to “suspend disbelief.”

It may well be that if you just make sure that the backdrop contains some hard, “drawn” lines, like the others do, the effect will be maintained. You can use CG to make those very convincing backdrops, then roughen them up a little bit by compositing in some harder lines, then soften the whole thing back to get an out-of-focus, “beyond the lens’ depth-of-field” look (which does add depth).

I hope that the movie is as compelling and as driving as the stills suggest. Looking forward to it.


Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it.

Slikdigit- nah, the gun is 2-D, originally I was going to make it 3-D but decided not to because of the style of animation-

I opted for the so-called “boiling effect” on the 2-D characters; wherein the outlines are also animated. for example a simple shot of a character standing still is not only one drawing, but 8 variations of the same drawing animated in 3’s(each frame is exposed for 3 frames). Most of the character animation however is on 2’s. This is generally a term used in 2-D animation.

shadows for the characters on every single shot aren’t really a priority for me at this point unless they are going to be used to enhance the shot (like a shot under a spotlight or somewhat). This is because I could spend that time refining the animation instead of worrying about shadows. Also, I’m the only one working on this so everything has to be optimized as possible. If this was an all 3-D production then I wouldn’t have any excuse not to pay more attention to the shadows.

Again, many thanks to you all. Hopefully I can finish a trailer by late August so you guys can see some actual animation :smiley:


I’m no fan of anime, but for this I change my rules. :stuck_out_tongue:
Lookin’ really great, but shouldn’t this be in WIP?