Stills Render... Animations don't

I’m think this has something to do on the latest 2.8 build. I have a copy of Blender 2.8 on my PC at home. I have a Rigid Body animation set up and it plays just fine and renders as well. As soon as I bring the file to my iMac (I don’t change anything) pressing the space bar plays the Animation. As soon as I hit “Render Animation,” All I get this…

Check render settings if you have selected the frames range to render.

I checked that, it’s fine. It seems it was either the name of the render or the directory where the final render was to be written to. Blender 2.8 seems to be a bit ‘anal’ about where it puts render files and what they are named. I changed the directory to ‘/tmp’ (the default?) and it started working.