Stimulance: to be or not to be attentive

Does anyone put a ponder to the over-stimulance we are getting from all of our media outlets?

It seems to me a bit threatening that now when people are conversing, they have one head phone in the ear while fumbling with their cell phones because of the sugar high they get from their energy drinks.

Maybe it is me, but it sounds a bit Ray Bradbury-ish.


i agree with that to an extent.

reminds me of that hilarious pink video where shes driving down the road with her lippie, blackberry, cellphone, and latte.

were a media/technology soaked generation. its just gonna get worse.

yes, but it really has nothing the do with the drinks. They just get us fat.

Like the people on TV saying that people are skinny because they’re not slobs? Good gravy, that’s so far from the truth that it’s almost hilarious (Hilaious not at the fat people but the people making the ads).

I eat a lot everyday, drink pop every few minutes, and sit at my PC all day. And I’m not fat at all. Just think how much those people saying they’re fat because of their genes eat! Man, too much.

And what the junk is with cell-phones? They’re handy, but why is everyone so infatuatied with them? I hate fads, they are for people without lives.

Nah, I’m content with my daily pornography quota.

Whereas internet forums are for…

osxrules, forums can’t be compared to fads. Fads require effort that results in intellectual regression, like sex and porn, and I seriously doubt talking to people will ever go out of style, but your ‘involuntary philosophy’ doesn’t allow for much talking to real people does it?

OnGodsGreen, well, at least you realize there’s something wrong, but apparently aren’t paying attention to the explosion of laziness and unwillingness that’s raking through god’s greens as a result of western culture. However it is threatening, and almost impossible to avoid.

Wait a minute - I can’t contain my laughter here - are you saying that having sex results in intellectual regression? If that’s so, then thanks for the laugh.

‘Sex and porn’ together with reference to wasted effort, implying an obsession to some extent. I’d normally figure that with that type of self confidence there’d be some intelligence to back it up… I’d thank you for the laugh, but it’s really more of a sad and tedious situation you’ve jumped into.

I talk to plenty of people, I just don’t consider them ‘friends’.

i saw some guy talking on TV about how the ‘corporate media’ supposedly spends billions of dollars a year on getting the color layout of their ads to attract the maximum ammount of attention from you, and just by wearing glasses with yellow lenses you wont be affected by their influence.

i think its true to an extent, but he sounded kind of like the crazt guy down the street who makes tin-foil hats because the government has mind probes and such.

I think the media sucks and fills us to the brim with advertisements on a daily basis, but i dont think they are really out to brainwash us, at least not purposefully. (you cant even come to elysiun without seeing advertisements anymore :stuck_out_tongue: )

You fail to clarify the ambiguity in your original post, yet you put the blame on me for misunderstanding it. After all, I was simply asking for a precise explanation. Your pseudo-intellect is devoid of meaning because you simply have no leg to stand on.

The thing is that the viewer is allowing themselves to be submitted to it. Forget about all of the tactics the media tries to play, in the end its up to the user to either watch it, or not. It shows how us as a society have become ignorant. We allow this junk to be shoved into our face not by force, but by choice. Mr. Jones chose to buy his new spiffy cell phone. Mr. Smith chose to be influenced by x-brand commercial. It’s a lot easier to put the blame on someone else than to put it upon ourselves…

This does not mean, however, that the media doesn’t have a responsibility. They certainly don’t help the situation by creating mindless advertisements, television shows, & electronics. It’s a two way street, only this street has no rail guard & they’re both headed off the cliff…

So I guess I’m saying we can be mindful of what we see or watch in the media, it’s just a matter of using a couple extra brain cells :smiley:

Mr. S

Recognizing implications requires common sense and objectivity. Aside from that, it was implied enough to at least deserve a more humble reply.

After all, I was simply asking for a precise explanation.

And it would have been given, free from sarcasm, if it was so simply asked. Now, our debate is really settled, you have your precise explanation, I have your response. Everything else is about pride…and whose is unfounded.