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Its nice.

My main crit would be that Sting is supposed to be a weapon, isn’t it? This looks more decorative: the edge and point of the blade don’t look sharp. Also personally I would make the elven letters on the blade glowing or just etched in and not distinctly black, but this may just be a personal preference.

ok ill see what i can do, is there away to add particles to text if there is how? i tried but couldnt get it to work


I pretty much agree with chaosnil. The blade should look more sharp. If you’re using subsurfacing you could simply create a crease on that edge. Another thing is that the lighting doesn’t do it justice- it’s too ambiant. At least create a spotlight opposite the camera to create a nice dark shadow with some good specular highlights.

The text looks like it’s floating above the blade a bit because of the shadows. Is this just a text object? I would actually design the text in photoshop or equiv. and then apply it as a UV texture to the blade. Just a simple B&W image would do, and then you could use bumpmapping too. Otherwise, make the material not cast shadows.

The dark material on the hilt could maybe use a noisy texture to give it a softer appearance.

hmm sorry this may sound dumb but if i asign it as a uv maped texture wont i lose my sword reflection texture?

are we in the finished projects cause that looks really good ;).

its in works and progress becouse i wnat feed back so i can make it as good as possible when i find out about my previous question ill post an update

The sword looks nice, only crit is that it looks a bit dull and the wood could be higher res.

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UV Map your text image to your object. DO NOT enable TexFace in the material buttons. Instead, apply your image to a texture channel with UV mapping in the Map Input Tab.

If you have a black and white image (text is black, background is white), then in the texture buttons for the text, you would select CalcAlpha and NegAlpha. This would make it so only the text part of the image is visible.

This way, you can also enable bump mapping so the text will appear to be engraved in the blade.

If you’re just using raytraced reflections then you won’t have to do anything special.

If you’re using cubic environment mapping, then you’d want your text image in the first channel, and your environment mapping texture in the second channel (on top of the first). Make sure that the environment texture is using “Add” and not “Mix” blending mode in the material buttons under the Map To tab.

Nice blade!
The blade Sting also has a blue glow when orcs and stuff are around. Maybe that’s a cool addition.

hmm thanks ripsting but i got a bit of a problem
if you look at the texture box its all stretched and cant think how to fix it any help would be nice, thanks

(picture below)

1second let me fix the images my bandwidth is exceeded there the texture problem

heres the sword

The texture only APPEARS stretched in the little square preview. It only appears correctly if the image you’re using is a square image. Don’t worry about it. It also doesn’t take into account the mapping option selected (in this case, UV). Could you post a picture of the UV editor with the image layed out on top of it?

The hilt should be more brown rather than blue if you’re going for the same look as in the picture. It’s really looking better though!

hmm well i cant seem to get it to work so i just gonna touch it up a bit then post it in finshed works