Sting, The Lord of the Rings

Hello everyone, here is my latest work.

Please harshly critique this. I already have some changes in mind, but anything anyone can add could be extremely helpful.

It’s very well done the modeling is very convincing same for the textures ain’t that the materials are too clean for my own tast.
Arguably for good reason on the metal part as it’s magic if it’s the sword I think it is, but at least the wood on the handle can recieve some worn mark and the metal will look more realistic with some too anyway.

Are you trying to reproduce the version of the movie or make your own version of the sword? Meaning, it will be easier to critique your work knowing this particular point. Having the reference image if it’s from the movie, and knowing you have total artistic license or close if it’s not may both help.

Looks Awesome!!! I personally think that the metal could be worked on more, and the wood handle is far too shiny. Also, the pattern on the handle is a simpler version, and different from the original (movie version). The wood color is also a bit off, a bit too red and the metal is too light (on the handle end and before the blade, and the reflections are a bit too sharp maybe, for everywhere but the blade. I like it, but maybe you could have a better texture on the floor and a more intersecting lighting, maybe a bit warmer. Also, just as an idea, you could do a glowing version, with s goblin nearby maybe… Anyways, that’s awesone!!!

This is amazing!

I tend to be amazed by anything related to JRR Tolkien no matter how good it is but I think this is done very well. The modeling is very well done however I think the sword should be a little more beat up, it did spend an age at the bottom of a troll horde. I think it is to diffused many swords from the movie tend to be very shiny and reflective. Great work though.

Thanks for the input everyone!

I don’t really think it should clean it’s self. So yes, I will be dirtying it up a bit. I’m going to be going for the movie version. There will probably be points where I take some artistic license, but in general, I’ll be basing it off of the movies.

Thanks! I think I will do a glowing version. Right now I’m going more for a sort of collectors display case type look. Plus some artistic license. I’ll definitely do a few more renders with different conditions though. I know thebrownbanditp on the CGC forum wants a view showing off the engraving a bit more, so I’m definitely going to do that also.

@Chariot Rider:
It did spend an age in a troll horde, but I think Bilbo probably cleaned it off a bit every now and then :slight_smile: But yeah, dirty it up a bit. I think the reason why it looks a bit too diffused is just my lighting. I’m going to need to experiment a bit to figure out how to get good reflections in the sword while also keeping the environment well lit.

Sorry guys, I forgot to post my finished result!

Here it is. I’m going to also start a finished projects thread.

I’m not entirely happy with this. Because of things like lack of story and focus. If you guys have any critiques, feel free to say them, I just won’t be applying them to this project but another one.

Thanks for your ideas and support!

I think you might want to work on your composition. All you can only see the blade in this image. You put a lot of work into the hilt on sting so why not show the whole sword. I also think that for a close up your texture on the blade throws off the image. I would suggest maybe trying to add a displacement modifier so this is less of an issue. Good luck on version 2.0. :wink:

Thank you. I definitely see what you mean. Just so you know, this is 2.0. I completely redid everything in that image, and I probably won’t be working on it for a while.