I asked a friend of mine to write some software for me for Christmas. I have no idea if he has a plan for an icon but I’ve already taken it upon myself to create something. Since he decided to name his program “Gridray” my idea is to have a stingray flying around one of those .Mac globes à la Firefox. (My other idea was a '50s-style raygun that would be half solid and half wireframe.)


It looks really cool. I love stingrays.

Looks pretty nice! Or, you could have a Corvette stingray thats was half wireframe.

I’m just making stuff up now. I don’t really have a clear shot of what the mouth is suppose to look like. Enter imagination, stage right.


Do a Google image search for “stingray mouth” without the quotes. It’s the first result…

Got a mouth that looks like a mouth … to me.


Mouth looks pretty good to me. And i should know… Just had about twenty of em sucking on my hands the other day at an aquarium, lol. Rest of the model looks good too.

There’s a very visible seam in that model…

That’s good to hear. I had to look at a lot of images.

It’s duplicated for the moment so I only have to model half of it. I don’t really know how to have a mesh duplicated and not have a seam down the middle of it.