Stingraywoman waterfolk(nudity)

This is my first post in this section.
I got this Idea when I was looking elfwood galleries, and there was this stingraywoman picture, so I decided to try to do same with blender.

I am newbie with blender and specialy making textures.
I have worked this mesh about 8-10 hours.
It turned out little bit silicon inflated(not ment to be)

So need recomendations, specialy how can I make scale like texture for “body” part(blue).

I have not yet decided what type of head I will make:human, animal, alien, fantasy…

critic is also welcome both positive and negative.

Request little help with texture.
what is easiest way to make it so that body is blue and wings are black.
at moment i have only one texture and it seems that colours blend in wrong places.
Should I separate body and wings for different ojbects and give each their own texture or some other way?

Hi and welcome to the forums.

The result is good for a first model, it looks a bit “square” though. Maybe you allready got too many polys in your mesh. You should try to start with a low-poly mesh and subsurf for a basic shape, then add details where you need them.

If you need some help, go and have a look at the Blender Manual here:

Request little help with texture.
what is easiest way to make it so that body is blue and wings are black.

I’d say multiple materials is the solution to that problem:

Happy blending!

Yes I have quite many polys and it has been subsufed.
Thanks for link, I will look in to those.

I noticed squarness my self, but I have not yet started to do body shaping, probably do that before I start do head.

also I will try to do armatures for body and tail and wings.
but that’s after I have done character ready.

I will update pictures when they are better.

Little update. some type of head done.
made few fubbles subdivided head few times and save mesh BIG mistake.
I had reduced body verticles from about 3000 to 2200 and faces from 5100 to 3900.
after adding head(with those fumbles) verticles 5000 adn faces 9300

have to be lot care full when using that subdivide.

but here is WIP render image at moment

Hi, welcome,

I have a few things to list (maybe some of these were already posted before :

  1. Are you using version 2.40? If not download and install it;
  2. Put a Subsurf modifier on your mesh and also turn the Render Levels Subsurf amount to 2 or 3. and the Levels to 1
  3. …also click the Draw Optimal if you need to see the wires better shaped
  4. Click the Set Smooth button for your mesh
  5. Use reference photos to align your model. You can insert background images in Blender for the Front, Side, Top… and align the vertices to these references.
  6. Post a wire screenshot so we can see how you modelled things.
  7. Try to avoid Triangle faces and convert them to Quad faces if possible

that’s it for now

thanks i have to test all off those.
I did not use any kind model not in body or head.

I will post wire screen shot, When it is somewhere close to decent. at momen t it is REAL mesh.

at moment using 2.4 alpha. I have 2.4 final install it.

why sqares are better that triangles

There’s currently a post going on about quads/tris etc:

Here’s a headmodelling tutorial:

An example at

Here’s a site with a body tutorial:

The blender wiki guide:

…and last but not least a very interesting thread about body topology:

Read all of these and you’ll learn a lot. A keypoint here is: do not give up easily and do not think your project is finished that quick. Just keep yourself motivated. I also started half a year back and still busy on my first project. Ofcourse I’ve done tutorials and made some small things like a christmas card, but starting to model a human body is not the easiest thing to do. You can click on the link of my WIP below to see my very first post going through the pages step by step…

Jep I have looked some of those(not read and try with blender). Well I think I will start recuding amount of verticles again. at moment at 4455 verticles.
there is at least 2000 more than I need. But I will be MUCH more carefull with subsurf from now on.

and I am not quiting, I have several images/meshes in WIP state, so i can switch if I get stuck/bored with one. That way it is easier to keep motivation up.

Hi kirini,

What exactly do you mean with being careful with the SubSurf?

It is just a funtion that you can switch on and of, it does not permanently change your mesh.

Are you sure that you are not using SubDivide instead of SubSurf?

ahh yes ment subdivide…

deleted the head part, that was horrible. I have to make new some point, but
next i concentrate learnign more about textures.
removed/merged verticles at moment mesh contains 1977 ver. 3661 fa.
Still too much. but quick calculation shows that head part contained same amount verticles as rest of the body.

I also came upwith question about texturing, but post that in general section, where i have another post.