Stinkoman Ship!!!

Hi i am making the ship from the stinkoman cartoon and game:

Not a bad start. Is there a link on the net somewhere that you can shoe us so we have something to compare to? Sorry, I’ve never seen the “Stinkoman” stuff.

yeah, there is:

Yours looks very VERY close to the original, I’d just suggest making the back two…uh…cyber-plasma-stinko-engines a little bigger in the back, making it slightly brighter, and adding a purple background.

Good work, very accurate!

for some reason, my blender on this comp is having problems:

it isnt able to use the middle mouse buttone (scrool wheel) correctly
it isnt able to change the background color
and maybe some more i havent seen yet.

i have mac os x 10.3.9 and im using blender 2.37

Great job, I like Homestar Runner. But it’s all you’re gonna do? It’s a bit simple, so put it on a scene :smiley:

thats exactly what im going to do. im also going to try stinkoman and 1-up and maybe some other characters. ill have to ask the devs if i can get voices maybe for an animation…maybe i could get famous in the homestar community!!!