Stinky 3D illustration.

Here are two illustrations I put together today for a client’s website. Not the best, but I think they will suffice. Just thought I would share. Criticize if you like. But basically this was a freebie I was throwing into the project and couldn’t afford to spend TOO much time on it (nice excuse for the lameness, eh? :wink: )

I think the main thing I would have done differently is to have rendered the wide shot before I created the cut away in the pipe. That looks kind of lame in retrospect. Oh well. Live and learn.

you said it yourself, it stinks!
You could at least have smoothed the pipes…

A little more work on the lightning might have presented it better. Especially the wall in the first picture is way to dark. And if you had smoothed the pipes (which sometimes is not that simple btw.) it might have been a great picture. Well. At least not that crappy… :slight_smile:

Smoothing pipes: Yes, that would have been good. Unfortunately this was a last minute thing, and applying a subsurf often requires planning so as not to just screw things up. The cut out pipes don’t have the extra set of vertices needed to anchor the geometry. I’m not sure if the new knife tools might be able to fix that, but I don’t know how to use it yet.

So, interpert it this way: the unsmoothed pipe helps to emphasize the superiority and smoothness of the new lined pipe. :wink:

Lighting: Hmm. Well I don’t know about that one. The scene is underground (flooring is at the top). Why is the wall to dark?

Thanks for the crits!!!

By being so dark it stands out to much. Takes away the eye from the things to show. Namely the pipes.

yes, it wouldnt be too hard to auto smooth the pipes, and add a fake GI dome for WAY better lighting… oh well