Stitch Render with Yafray


I was trying to make a large render (a bit over 9000x5500) in Yafray. My machine has been running for days (and it’s fast by any account). Another one has gone belly up a few times. There are “errors” in some areas.

Obviously, a solution would be to render in slices, portions, keeping the viewpoint the same, so I can gimp the portion over the bad areas…

Can I re-render AREAS only of the composition? Xpart and Ypart don’t seem to really matter in Yafray.

Is there a way you can rotate your camera, and reposition it with a smaller field, the right angle etc. to be able to stitch each part into a big part, without distortion?
Say render 90 pictures 100x550, and stitch them into a final composition equivalent to the original idea? Maybe I could write a python script to do it, assuming there is a way, and corresponding function(s)…

In advance, thank you.


PS: if there is a post on this topic, spare me the flame, and kindly provide the link. I looked first. Thx.

You might want to look at Panorama Tools <>

Hugin is one GUI front end for PanoTools, there are others <>

Thanks freemars:
I would like to avoid this solution though. I’m looking for a geometrically correct way to slice a scene / picture. stiching as we know it is very smart, but amounts to correcting errors. I want to avoid the errors to begin with.
When you take a picture of mountains, and turn around with your camera you’re in good shape because the subject is far. Also, the size of the stich relative to the final pix is small. Here, there maybe 10 stiches on a picture covering the area of ONE normal single shot.
Plus, I’m close to the subject so this is probably going to cause much more trouble, relatively speaking.
So nobody knows of a function to set a camera, and limit the field?
I guess that if nothing else is available, I will photoshop it this way. Thx again.


You can render a part of the image by:

  1. In the Render panel, select “Border” button.
  2. In a 3D Camera View window, click Shift-B and box-select the part of the image you want to render.
  3. Then press F12 as usual.
    This works both in Blender internal and Yafray. In fact, I used this technique to render (with Yafray) one of my images ( in two computers (left half in one, right half in the other).

pairal: thanks a lot. That sounds like you’ve got a winner. I will experiment with that tonight.

Best, and yes, tripple cheers!