Hi. I’ve been busy with some live action project lately but I’m now rareing to get goin on a new cg project.
I originally had this project down as a stop motion feature but I wanna try and test it in the the form of a cg short, in blender.
It is a film that takes it’s aesthetic influence from the likes of Tim’s Burton’s stop motion extraveganzas and very much from german expressionism. Particularily The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.
It is the story of an abused young teen who runs away from home after his step father stitches his lips shut. He runs into the forest where he lives, searching for a pathway through life, only accompanied by his best and only friend, Exeyeball, a eyeball, gouged out long ago, a friend our young protaganist has looked after since his childhood. He has sewn wings and legs onto the creature as to aid his mobility. Exeyeball leads the way, up the steps of the future and beyond.

I am looking for collaborators, mainly modellers and textures but anyone may help if they wish. I have spent a long time with this project in my head and I need to get it out. I have spend countless hours trying to model the main character with nothing but terrible results. Anyone who wishes to help would be greatly appreciated!


hi, that looks interesting. i have a bunch of textures that i have made. if you can give me an idea of what sorts of textures you need, maybe i can help you out.