stl export failing me

Hey people,

i just exported a not very complex blend file into stl. Admittedly I used a subsurf, but now the new stl model is totally screwed. intersecting faces etc, so screwed in fact that even meshlab and netfabb couldn´t handle it with the standard procedures.

Is there anyway to control the export (is there actually mesh recalculating in blender?) and/or where do i find a competent advanced tutorial for meshlab (the free netfabb is probably to limited)?

Suzanne with twice applied subdiv (1/4 M tris) exports as stl from blender and comes into Meshlab just fine. Is your model looking decent in blender with subdiv applied? What modifiers are there not applied before export? What does say new Mesh Analysis tool on N-tab? Or Addon 3d Print Toolbox?
There is a series about Meshlab on YT.

Yes it looks still good. For testing purposes i removed the subsurf and tested the triangulation modifier. That only reduced the number self intersections and non manifolds but still far from prefect.

With mesh analysis I eliminated all non manifolds and selfintersection in blender are clear but somehow not in mehslab.