any free cad programs on web that can export STL ?
thx for reading

The only one I think might is Alibre Xpress. Not sure what the limitations are on this one, tho, since its crippleware. The other one that you may try is BRL-CAD.

Of course if you can get your geometry into Blender, then you’re golden - STL out of blender works pretty well.

What is it you’re trying to attempt, zigactly?


What I am attempting is a 3D shape for a client, she will
get machine made peaces out of the file. I think out
of plastic.
I am currently remodeling the shape but well, thing is
I have no experience with such machinery regarding scale
and direction of the model.

j, I’m going to assume that you’re modeling this “3D shape” in Blender? If so, the STL export from blender works quite well with most CAM software (as imported geometry.) Ones I’ve tried are BobCAD and freeMill. Blender’s units can be directly converted to the units of the CAM software as desired (eg: 1 blender unit = 1 mm, or 1 bu = 1 foot, etc…) Most have built-in scaling functionality (needed due to size limitations of CNC equipment.)

If you must create this in a CAD package, Alibre should work for you. Another alternative I came accross recently was Ascon KOMPAS, which had a free limited version up (until I just now checked and its no longer posted.) I’ve got a copy that I downloaded that I can post for you if you really want to try it out.

Another alternative is to get an RP (3D print) model made from Shapeways (see recent blendernation article…) or someone similar. It’s likely you have someone locally who can do RP for you directly from your blender-generated STL file.