Stock grey scale 2d filter question

I’m using the built-in 2d filter “grey scale” for my project; however, I don’t know how I can exlude certain objects from the filter so that I can have bursts of strong contrast with colored objects. Anybody know how I could go about this?

I can’t find the code for the 2d filter anywhere in blender’s files even though it must be there somewhere, and once that code is found, I don’t know how I would exclude an object from the post-processing. Help please!

Excluding single objects from a 2D filter is extremely hard. By nature of what they are, they are done in screen-space, and thus have no concept of an ‘object’

You can definitely do this using RenderToTexture, and possibly FBO’s, but I haven’t done this effect specifically. Some links:

I’ve actually decided to just put a background scene as an always and put my colored objects there with the appropriate coordinates in my main scene. It completely bypasses the rendering of objects in other scenes layered as background. Although, I’m having like 5 background scenes running at once, (each with only about 2-4 objects in it though). Will this impact performance of my game in the long run? *Edit: not background, overlay. I’m going to need to mess around with this some. Thanks for the advice!