Stockholm apartment

(shredde) #1

Stockholm interior. All models and shaders are my own design, except for a few modified textures from poliigon and one fabric texture from Chocofur. Rendered in Cycles.

(paulina) #2

This is very nice render. It looks believable. Nice lighting - could you please tell, how did you light your scene? regards,


Very realistic! Good work :smile:

(shredde) #4

Thank you! :slight_smile: It’s nothing fancy. It’s just a single Sun coming through two windows.

(shredde) #5

Thanks! :blush:


Nice render!

Just curious, the windows are the only space the lights get through? I mean the cube (room) is closed or do you have any missing wall?

(shredde) #7

Thank you :slight_smile: The “Box” is closed, windows are only place light comes through :slight_smile:


Aha, nice, thanks for clearing that up! :smiley:

(paulina) #9

Thanks skredde, amazing effect with only one lamp :wink:

(GarageFarm.NET) #10

well that is a very nice shot !
the colors work really great !

the one thing you might improve is the noise (it looks too digital - if it was analogue photo grain
I’d say it would fit in this shot perfectly as you can see the room is of a bw photo lover :slight_smile: )

Re render it to super clean samples and hi res
and I say featured is a matter of time :slight_smile:

keep blending
Jarek D(DJ)

(emad) #11

is really amazing.
is possible to have some information about your light setting please?