if photography is a traditional art…

crit this please…

cool pic.
what camera did you used

Fuji Finepix 602 zoom

I love that pic.

It looks so sureal

Hey I love those trees, and the dank weather always adds a nice touch. Too bad we cannot do trees like that because for one thing there would be waaay too many polys.

it’s not postprocessed?

great piece.


No post processing (except for resizing to 640x480)

super composition,
but i i’am not sure, if i really like the blue touch.

its a nice picture, but i looked at the histogram for it and its lacking a lot of shadows and highlights.

edit: heres a little post-proccess of you picture with a corrected histogram… just so you can see what i mean

that almost looks…

I actualy liked the first one. It’s got kind of a wintery blus mode.

I’ll bet that a tree like that could be done with an alpha-mapped card in Beast.