Stolen Object on turbosquid?
I could have sworn that i saw this exact same model being given away for free at blenderman. In fact i think i have it on my computer somewhere. Either the author has decided to up the price, or someone’s stealing and selling it as his own.

It is being sold by Alltaken, though, so I would guess (hope?) it’s his. I recognize the model from this site (don’t recall the thread, though . . .).

This isn’t the first time this has come up here (and I’ve not been here long). Search the forums for ‘turbosquid’ and a handful of threads talking about stolen goods appear.

This happens all over the place, it seems. At a UT2K4 forum I frequent there are often reports of stolen maps being posted and distributed.

this tank IS in the “FREE model repository” here at elysiun… no idea who did the origional model though… or what to do about it.

Wow, I just can’t believe some people.

Maybe a PM to Alltaken here would be a good idea. Then a complaint to Turbosquid.

Slow down people. I don’t know the him but Alltaken seems to be a regular on a few blender forums and clearly knows his stuff. A quick look at Alltaken’s own website shows the tank as his.

Tank that was modelled as a result of a Battle between X-Warrior and I

Let’s not jump to conclusions.


so if it is his, why is he giving it away for free AND selling it for 80 bucks?

If it is his, then he can surely do as he likes with it unless and until someone purchases limited rights and dictates that the free version be dumped. I wouldn’t be complaining that he makes it available here for free (assuming it is identical in every aspect). Lordy knows, when he gets hold of this thread he might think twice about posting freebies it in the future :frowning:

Blender Battles certainly shows a history of this tank belonging to Alltaken. Unless there’s some evidence that it isn’t his, what’s the problem?

Geez, it’s almost scary how quickly a simple question turns into judge and jury before the defendant has a say :o

As I said earlier, I don’t know him, I’m new to blender, elysiun and Blender Battles - but I can’t see anything to suggest Alltaken has done anthing wrong.


Im not saying he did anything wrong, i think its great to give away models for free, its just a bit confusing why he would do it

so many newbs! alltaken = blender deity (hmm, maybe not as good as @ndy… :P). that is his model made in a 24 hours competition with x-warrior (now ecks) and he decided that he wanted to give it away to blender users, so woot!, but he also sells it to non blneder users on ts. I personally tihnk he needs ot change the type to 3ds though, might sell better. he retains rights…

Edit: alltaken is also the host/person who runs blender battles and the mudpuddle gallery, along with another blender site I think.