stomach flu

Okay, admittedly a very odd choice of topic, but one I am going to tackle anyway.

I’ve been aware that for quite some time, there’s been some sort of stomach flu bug… or agent that’s been doing the rounds in our town. Usually I sort of accidentally found out about it from friends and people I know - that they’ve had it, or someone else complained about it that same week, or the week before - whilst i’m complaining about my miserable state.

Now that in itself wouldn’t really bother me, we live in a smallish town and people being people, tend to spread the joy around. Then about a year or so ago a friend of mine moved to the city. Now ever since then, she’s been complaining about the regularity (and severity) of the problem. It literally seems to have like a 3 - 5 week frequency to it. Which got me wondering (and please all the conspiracy buffs enjoy yourself - just leave out the puns) if this is just here, or if it’s being experienced elsewhere around the world. (I know the stomach bug etc. been around for ages and it’s a world wide thing, but I’m wondering if anyone has been noticing an increase in it?)


I have a disease which causes my flesh to rot away and fingernails to transform into twisted bloodstained claws and develop a lust for human brains, and do you see me complaining?

Let me guess… you’re particularly fond of Chinese.


There hasn’t been noted increases in stomach bugs around my town, though last Winter there was a severe version of one making rounds and sending people to the hospital, everyone in my family got it except for my mother, but none of us went to the hospital, I recovered quickly after my stomach finished cleaning itself out a few seconds after drinking a sprite.

I just recovered from the flu. For 7 days I could not move, I was really weak. I took all kinds of medicine and nothing seemed to work. Then a friend told me boil ginger root, which is sliced into thin slices, in a liter of water for twenty minutes and add sultanas. After it finished boiling add honey and the juice from a fresh lemon. I drank this brew for a few days and I got better really quick. Man, that ginger really is magic stuff.

I don’t know if I had the Obama swine flu, but heck it was really strong flu. Gee, and I wasn’t stupid enough to go to a hospital, I don’t trust those evil doctors. :slight_smile:

I am unfortunately stuck in America… no good brains to eat here.

You said it, I didn’t. But yeah…

I think it wasn’t the ginger root. I think that your body managed to supress the flu at about the same time you started drinking your ginger root brew.

I’m not going to reply to the rest of your post because it was retarded.

Errr… well for flu’s we generally mix up Jamaice ginger, disprin in hot as you can drink water, with a tot of brandy and some lemon juice. take a hot bath, drink before going to bed and voila, almost the very next day you wake up in a drenched bed, but you are more or less okay. At least it worked for me
the one time I drank it. I think it works almost the same as medlemon? anyway, dont drink if you are:
allergic to alcohol, disprin, ginger, lemon juice or water. Also see your physician first before trying this remedy yourself. I, myself and my subsiduaries can not be held responsible for your immenent or possible demise when attempting to mix the above mentioned chemical compounds together. Please remember that it worked for me, but you might be that one in a million people who are allergic to the combination. If drinking it makes you feel worse in any way, you might want to see your physician. If drinking it makes you cough up blood, you definitely might want to see your physician. : )