Ston3D game engine, incredible looking engine
According to the devmaster page and the site, it has 2D filters, Physics, AI, editors, it has pretty much everything you could want, and they have a PLE edition too.

Now I’m one who’s sticking with an engine I already have (the BGE), even though I have around enough money to buy the $1,800 price tag for the pro license.

this engine look great…:eek:
some day blender…:o
can have all these characteristics…
you can check this list of others game engine:

I think it is funny all the references to drugs on their page… Shiva, stoned, sweet leaf… sound like a bunch of drug addicts making this.
After apricot, we will have lots of those features in crystal space.

So true, so funny “Getting stoned in 3d, experience a new dimension” lol

even if you gave me all 3d engines on earth for free
i wouldn’t leave BGE
:evilgrin: … :RocknRoll:
smile …

hmmmmmm… you gave me an idea…nah