Stone Bridge. Video game "Kandra" Environment asset. Ilumination+composition

Here an stone bridge i did with Blender for the videogame Kandra, where i was working as a Project Manager and 3D modeller. I took care of the ilumination and composition in Unreal 5 also in that early part of the process.



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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much!!


Does this mean putting it into the scene in Unreal and then baking the lighting into textures? So basically you make sure it fits the right size and then take the lights from the map?

No, it just means that I was working as a modeler and also as an Illuminator, with everything that goes into those jobs. mean, i took care of all the level ilumination, not only that prop. If your question is about workflow, it is difficult to explain it here in a couple of sentences, but bakes are done before Unreal in Blender, and once you have your mesh with all the textures (done in siubstance) you take them to Unreal, there you place lights, and if you refer to the non-dinamic lights bake, yes, you do that to safe resources with lights that you know that are not going to be mouvable.

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