Stone Face

(TurboG) #1

After a long time of doing nothing 3D related except reading these Boards, I decided to start up a new project…Took me a while but I finnaly worked up somthing presentable… (cut &paste or click the link to my site in my Sig)

I think the terain needs somthing more but I could think of nothing else (maybe some trees…I’m not finished with those yet) and the sky is pretty funky…I finnaly did somthing strange and out of the ordinary… Started with a blank head and then decided to remove the back and use just the face…

Please Post Replys about possible changes and what you think…Also, Visit my site and tell me what you think of that too!

(Thinking of making bumpmaps for it but I’m just no good at making those)

(pikilipita) #2

Well… actually, i prefer the dog without fur htan the dog with.
The “plastic” material is more fun !

(TurboG) #3

Uhmm…TY…But…I was posting about a different picture :slight_smile: lol…I was wondering about the stone face picture…Just follow the link in my first post or its the lowest picture on my site…I am planning on uploading my EVIL FACE pic soon :slight_smile: Kind of creepy looking!

(deks) #4

how did you the red light on that evil head pic?? I have seen people done that but never how! Please tell me!

(Ecks) #5

Hey dek just put “HALO” on in light buttun and then make it red!!! After (dont ask me why, I just find it!) press “2560” at the bottom of the page, and then make the “halo step to 12”. And press “shadow” in the display buttun!

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(gargola) #7

what is that dark spot in the ground suppose to be? if its the statue’s shadow,isn’t it too big?just a comment. :smiley: good job! :smiley:

(TurboG) #8

Its the statues shadow…Guess the angel of the light is funny