stone fountain

Hi @all fellow blenderartists!

I am making some progress on a prop for bigger project and I am looking for some critique.
This is meant to be used as a fountain inside the courtyard of a moroccan house. I am creating the scene for a game engine, although I am not sure yet on which one to use. Any suggestions? I am limited quite a bit by my laptop, which is not the of the newest kind, I’m afraid. :wink:
This lowpoly model has diffuse, 2 normal (baked and detail, are going to be combined later on) and spec maps. AO is done at rendertime at the moment, although I am thinking about baking it to the diffuse map.
This is my first serious attempt on making a diffuse map, so I am looking for critique especially on this aspect. Grunge and moss in the gaps between the rounded decoration on the main bowl and on the footpiece is yet to come, but I would already appreciate any critique on any aspect of the model.

(Please open the fullsize view of the images, their are some artifacts in the reduced size view…)



Unfortunately I didn’t get any replies. I am going to try again: :wink:

I finished the textures by now. At least I think I did. You tell me. Any critique?

And again: Please open the images to full size, there are artifacts due to the smaller picture size here inside the post. Thanks.


Great low-poly modeling :slight_smile: About the no replies, thats just one disadvantage of so many people on here, your thread gets buried quick!

Yea that looks like a nice low poly quality model. Love to see other people making low poly models for the game engine :yes:. Are the pictures realtime or renders?

back some shadows and some misc none repeating age marks like scratches chips stains and your there

thanks for the kind words!

@fpsgod17: the pictures are renders from blender internal, not the game engine
@rossblenderart: yes, I know that it happens, I don’t hold a grudge against anyone :wink:

“low-poly” is relative though :wink: I will have to reduce the polycount, im afraid. there is quite a waste on the bottom part of those rounded archs… But I dread the re-unwrapping, re-normal-baking and retexturing, so i will first do other stuff for that scene…

@darkcgi: did you mean “bake” shadows? if so, which shadows do you mean? the only thing I can think of at the moment in terms of baking is ambient occlusion.
I will try to find a way to add some chips and other marks. I would normally suggest to sculpt them, but my computer isn’t able to handle even the smallest models in a resolution high enough to use the sculpting features comfortably. so I will probably revert to the normal-map-plugin in gimp :wink:


through the picture, can know it is stone vase. Do you do stone project? we have in the line of stone products