Stone House

Hello Everyone!
Looking for critiques on this image. Not sure if I should have the sun come through the trees facing the camera? Would anyone do anything differently? Thanks.



hello , this images to me is absolutely gorgeous! just , maybe there is too much sharpening filter, and/or the texture of the main wall is maybe a JPG which gives a lot of noise. if you fix this , you have a masterpiece here

If you have the memory to spare, I would use the new Cycles microdisplacement to inject a high amount of detail into the stone walls and the roof (they look a little flat being just image textures and bumpmaps). Having actual depth as opposed to a texture can make a huge difference.

thanks for the feedback! I rendered with de-noise and then sharpened a bit too much.

thanks for the feedback! I thought I did use micro-displacement, but after going back in to the project, the adaptive box was unchecked.

Okay, lean back and squint your eyes. This image just kinda fades into a blur. I mean, that’s the point, to stop looking at the details and look at the overall. But this blur is fairly uniform.
Here’s a diagram I just made. The top is your image. The bottom is my suggestion for how to improve it.
Darken the left side. Lighten the road. Maybe add a big cloud in the top-right corner. Move the trees around to get good looking shadows.
After that, agreed that the textures are too noisy. Try putting an underlying color under them and then reduce the texture influence to half or less.
As it is, the noise from the textures and the shadows drowns out the geometrical structure of the scene.

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Fantastic art! Really good.
There’s too many shadows for my taste, I’d put the sun at the background or some other position that do not generate that amount of shadows in the image, but that’s my personal feeling not a critique.

this is really good job

Superbly beautiful. I almost hesitate to suggest any changes =)

I do agree about the lighting. I think it is possible to preserve the details while accentuating the house, even the possibility for some bolder contrast to support such a mighty and attractive structure.

I prepared an example attempting to portray this:

Once again, remarkable work!

I look forward to seeing this in Finished Projects and the Featured Row.

Take care.