stone lion


Basically I want to create a stone lion which later on I wanna try and do some composition with live photos and then film. hopefully it will push me out of my blender comfort zone.

But at the moment first I gotta get this project off the ground.

I hope I complete this project at least halfway. :smiley:

so here is some progress shots, and what I have so far.

Enjoy and thanks for looking


Coming along quite nicely! I’d tweak the feet to give them a less boxy look but yeah, I like it.

Thanks nicktechguy,

I am glad you like it! i can see what you mean. Although I was thinking if he was carved from stone he might look a little blocky?
I’ll be working on him some more on the weekend so I’ll have a play around with the legs, while I work out the mane!

Thanks for your comment!

Pretty cool! Statues and old stony stuffs are pure gold to model; great idea!

There seems to be a high poly and a low poly…