Stone staircase

I have all info you need in the caption

You’re certainly improving. That’s a pretty good image albeit a bit sinister. Is that the dungeon where you imagine hanging some of us by the neck for putting you down so much? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say adding a bump map to the stone would make a big improvement. Good modelling on the stairs though. Keep it up. :wink:

The stone is bumpmapped, it’s just I avoided setting it too high or else it made the stone look pockmarked and ugly. The chains and holes in the wall were things I added in after finding it looked a little empty with just the stairs.

throw a crapload of procedurals on it, bumpmaps, color maps etc,

try to use musgrave, put octs at max, height at 0, and make it green coloured with some bump, etc etc… .just try out a whole bunch of stuff… you can never lump enough textures onto something :wink:

finally you don’t say something stupid with your post!

The Bad
the bump textures are alright but could use some work. The chain’s are bronze?! they would be made of steele! needs a better material. The perspective is off - the stairs seem to go straight down practically.

The Good
the window lighting is very nice and the over all dungeon effect is good.

keep it up! next try something of a complex scene though and make it extremely detailed - spend a lot of time on it and let’s see what your max is! :wink:

The next scene will probably be the one i’ve been working on with the flowers. And those flowers would be the first i’ve ever modeled.

And I wasn’t origionally going for a dungeon effect, I intended to just have a room with a staircase but then found it was a little empty so I then decided to add something here and there and viola.

good lighting effects. This scene has a very strong atmosphere to it.

Like everyone else, the textures need work. I’d say they look like an in-game screen shot from some game engine. The tiling is too obvious.

Hm…perhaps I’m the only one to not see the stone staircase. The texture blends it all together and there’s no proper outline for it, so change it like the others say. Maybe you should continue with it in the Wip forum?