Stone terrace (what gives anyway)

Hopefully it will give me a better modeling reputation then what even a dog would get :frowning:

I definitely like the style!

I dont know if it’s what you were shooting for, but it looks like (to me) a map for some sort of RPG

The game engine wouldn’t support it anyway because of the shadows and precedurals for the textures. :wink:

prerendered images 8)

IMHO definitely the best thing that you’ve done so far. This has a nice atmosphere.

The textures are much less noisy and don’t clash like in your other models, making the image a lot more cohesive.

Looks kind of like a woodcut image in some ways.

Anyway, I like it. It has that “Je ne sais qoi” . :wink:


I’d like to referr to my reply in the thread about… what was it … the fantasy room yes… You need to improve your style I think …


Didn’t think it would be that nice being the best made yet especially for only taking a day. :wink:

Hey Kansas, the best way to improve your “Modeling skills” is to stop using primitives, all of your surfaces are hard and square (Sub-surf anyone?)

At this rate, it seams you are rolling out images as quickly as your posts %|

beveling would be good too

O is right… give subsurfing a try!

Even better… go do some organic modeling… fiddle around with that for a while, then come back and create more rooms. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll improve.

lol you’ve proven me right just after I replied to the Fantasy Room thread.

The texture of the stone gives a very unusual effect. IT looks like the whole thing was painted, and then had a sponge run over it. I haven’t taken art class in years but I remember seeing that technique in Grade 8. It was a cool effect then and I still like it now. “Stippling” I think it was called, maybe…

This one, I’d leave it EXACTLY as it is!!!
…if you really want to change it, make sure you keep a backup of the file with the current settings.

Never heard of that style and never realized it looked like it. I’ll keep that in mind. :wink:

Stippling is when you make a bunch of dots to make shadows and such. The closer the dots are together, the darker. conversely the farther apart the lighter. you can use colors for the dots too and make whole pictures. if you stand far away, you can’t even tell it’s dots.

Magazines do this with their pictures. get a real close look at one and you’ll see all kinds of tiny different colored dots.

Oh, well then I think I’ve heard it before. Dot images :wink:

better than your last one but it still has that beginner feel that you should have past by now…still the image has a special kind of uniquness to it that i do like. The interesting mosaic bump effect is interesting - it makes it look similar to wood carving or a tapestry. The over all artist perspective is better and the modeling or rather the texturing is improved. As stated perhaps you should stray from the ordinairy primitive some and start doing some specific modeling and material tweeking then go back to scenes! you’ll be suprised how much better your work will be and how much more your “style” will be appreciated! go blend! :smiley: :wink:

I think I’ve heard the term stippling used in reference to a technique for applying liquid latex for use in aging makeup. You brush on the latex, then ‘stipple’ it with a sponge. It produces a really neat effect that looks allot like your image.