Stoneder island - Smokers approach!

Hello everyone,

My last thread got closed because even though I said not to, people started complaining about how this game is offensive and marijuanna is bad for you.

- Don’t argue about it in this thread.
- Search some actual fact before complaining, alcohol causes way more cancer then marijuanna and is way more dangerous.

Thank you.


Hello everyone,

I’ll make this topic as short as possible because I know most of you don’t like reading.
I do warn you in the beginning that the main topic of this project is marijuanna. If you are strongly against smoking marijuana, please do not spam this topic but just click away. Thanks.


I live in Holland… and here we have the blessing that marijuana is legal. I myself am a lover of the green. For the last 3 months I’ve been smoking weed and while doing so making sketches for my new project: stoneders island. (We haven’t stopped working on our wizzardz game but this is just a 2nd project to prevent getting bored working on it)

The game

The game takes place on an island called stoneder island.
Here’s a quic sketch of the island (sketched stoned, don’t judge my abilities).

Image: Stoneders island (in the shape of a weed leave)

The main idea is that your character lives in a normal, and boring city as a normal person. Until… he discoveres marijuana…

Once your character has smoked the green, the island will tun into once spacing adventure. Some examples:

  • Trippy colors
  • Mushrooms turn into giant mushrooms like in the header image here
  • Stoneder world is ruled by mushrooms
  • New places are born like uniecorn valley, stoneders castle, mushroom cave etc.

There are different kind of stoneder levels. When you smoke more weed the level increases and more different areas are accesable.



There are way more ideas in my mind and on my sketches… but since this game is mostly about explorering I’m only pass on the rest of the ideas to trustworthy team members.

If you want to join this project please leave a message at the buttom of this page and I’ll contact you as soon as possible with a pm. (Since we need make the island almost 2 times (sober and stoned) I need a lot of modellers).

Please leave me some positive or negative comments!



i like the character style and the map.

Might I ask you something: Why are there mushrooms AND marijuanna? Just for theme?

@GAGgc Thanks m8 :wink:
Well the main subject is marijuanna. But one use the weed, everything turns tripping. So normal mushrooms turn into big once with faces on it… all object get trippin colors etc.

reminds me of conqor 64 and bubsy to a point, well all the old ps1 and n64 platformers really, I miss those, and this could bring back memorys with some humor aswell, lets see how it all comes together :smiley:

I think there are some really cool possibilities with this. If the stoned and sober world are linked you could get some cool puzzles where you have to set something up while sober so it is in the right spot for you when you are stoned and vice versa… like in Soul Reaver.

RobCozzens is my new best friend for the soul reaver reference. That was my favorite game on the original playstation. Well, that and Legend of Dragoon.
Anyway, this game seems like a really cool concept. I would play something like this. I obviously wouldn’t recommend it to a kid though. Keep up the good work Gamemaster.

Most of the users of BA in the game forum are kids!

Wow thanks everyone for all the positive comments.
That aint a bad idea at all. I’ll see if I can implement it. ^^


The only thing is that making puzzles ain’t a good thing to do when your stoned. And that’s mainly what this game is created for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats not completely true gamemaster. Have you played any of the Zelda games? There are loads of interesting and mindblowing puzzles that are extremely addicting!

So the marijaunna is to make the whole game look EXTREMELY colorful and whatever else?

solving puzzles when your stoned would make it more interesting, I mean you could come to a puzzle sober early in the game, and come back stoned later and its 10x more complected to your eyes, like you think its more complected if that makes any sense

dont make it too realistic now, puzzles are always great!

HAHAHA, this is funny to read really. haha. keep it up with the game, i think that ll not be finished unfortunably, but, ahaha, this is unbeliavable. as I said work on the textures a little more make some tutorials, but make them sober please.

So the marijaunna is to make the whole game look EXTREMELY colorful and whatever else?

Yes :wink:

i think that ll not be finished unfortunably… as I said work on the textures a little more make some tutorials, but make them sober please.

I am starting to think the same thing. Mainly because too few people want to join since it’s about marijuanna. I’m gonna proceed with my other game before I start this one. And haha I’ll try to thanks.

I think that if you can make this, its gonna turn out really cool.

Thanks but I shouldn´t be able to with this little amount of help. :wink:

So i’m gonna finish my other project first and then re-create this planning.