Stoneroad(First real project in Blender)

This my first real project in Blender. Before this ive only done some models and of course lots of tutorials. Im quite happy with my result but there’s allways room for improvement so i decided to ask help from wiser and more experienced people for help… So please tell me how i could make this picture better.
Oh and thanks for and your help. :slight_smile:


First things first, get some lights in the scene. It is way too dark, even if it is a night picture we should be able to see something.

Thats strange… the picture i posted and am looking at right now is quite well lit and visible day scene.

never use the word “first” in your thread title. you’ll get less hits :stuck_out_tongue:

this looks really decent. and it is kinda dark but not like it’s night. you should use the cloud generator to make clouds because that would fit this scene really well!

I guess that you are using one light as the sun but the “sun” is only lighting the part furthest away from the camera and then fades into “shadows” without any geometry casting them. Remember that the sun is really far away, far enough to lighten almost half of the earth so shadows in the small park shouldn’t exist unless there is geometry casting them.

That’s what we meant by “dark” :wink:

agreed, maybe try use a spot instead with a little softness (not sure if you can so that with a sun)… make sure it covers the entire scene… also, the depth looks a little odd to me… not sure what it is… like bad perspective on the road or something… anyways, goodluck!

I see… I’ll try to fix it right away. Thanks for your help

May need to add anti-aliasing for the stage?
And to fix the boundary of light and shadow?:cool:

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