Stones Factory - Procedural Modelling

You have a large scene requiring a lot of stones and rocks and you would like to avoid the tedious work of making them one by one ? This setup is made for you :
Stones Factory is a setup allowing procedural creation of stones and rocks with texture, in few clicks. The provided blend files already includes on several layers textures that can be enabled or disabled to create a large choice of stones textures. You can add you own textures and shaders to create any kind of rocks.

Informations here :

THanks - your posts are very usefull!

Very nice stones right out of the box (without playing with it). Thank you.:evilgrin:

Thanks ! I 'll try to create more textures when I’ll have some more time (maybe in 2025 ? ;o)

Dont know if your are going to read this ever but let me tell you that you have done one of the most clever and useful things I have ever seen in Blender. Awesome!!!

Thank you!!!