I need to make some stones from an explosion. I have an explosion where im blowing up a statue and it looks great. But now i want to put some stones falling from the sky like 15 sec after the explosion. I just don’t know how to make random stones you know shapes and size. I can’t even tell you how to do them one at a time. I could have a bunch of balls falling but thats not what i want.

I also have a plain that the need to land on and kinda bounce and roll, but i can do that by hand. It’s a lot of work but i can do it. But if any one knows how to with less time please let me know.


to make a stone, make an icosphere, go into proprtional edit mode, and squish it around a bit, the go to select >> random >> 50 %, and alt-S ( scale ealong normal ) the selected verts. subsurface and set smooth.

for physics animations, you have to learn the physics engine first of all, and the best place to look for that is the game engine subforum.

thank you that looks good!
I’ll check out Physics.