Stoney Beach

Hi everyone, I’ve just recently finished a short 10 second animation of a stoney beach.

I’ll be happy to supply any screenshots of things like node setups or provide things similar to that, just ask :slight_smile:

Also, here is a 1080p still of the final frame.

Excellent work. Well done. :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wow nice mood there! Could you explain how you made such nice bolders?

Quite impressive u_u

Pretty sweet ! Could you please outline how you made animated flock of birds ?

I have a tutorial on the way soon so I’ll go into more depth there. But the way I made them was I had a UV Sphere and used the bisect tool to just cut chunks away to give it a very basic rock form. I then used dynamic topology sculpting (mainly the clay strip brush) to add extra detail into it. I used a few other tools such as the scrape/peaks brush and smooth brush just to adjust bits that didn’t look quite right and to clear away detail that I felt didn’t look good so I could re-sculpt it.

The actual geometry of the boulders though is quite low-poly and don’t really look too great. The shaders and the displacement is what really gave them the detail I was looking for. Here’s the node setup:

I used boid particles. I didn’t really tweak any settings except for adding rules and changing the maximum air speed.

The birds flapping is just because I had three very low-poly bird models on another layer with animated flapping wings at different speeds and at different times to stop them from all flapping exactly the same.

Their Z-Axis animation was given the cycles modifier to keep it repeating endlessly which saves a lot of time and also provides a lot of flexibility. I’d have to only change one flap to change all of them and I can extend the length of the animation indefinitely and they’d still flap. The only limitation to doing this though was in some of the reference footage I found for seagulls, a lot of the time they glide through the sky without flapping which I couldn’t really include with the animation loop without it looking fake and without it being obvious to the viewer.

thanks you :slight_smile:

Awesome work, thank you for helping building more artists knowledge with Blender :slight_smile: It is as important as code.

you’re welcome :slight_smile: there will be a tutorial soon-ish so I can go into every detail of every part of the scene then :slight_smile: