Stoney Outdoor Scene (Tristram)

Hi there, this is the first time I’ve posted in this Category. I’m working on an outdoor scene with a Stone wall and building. I would like to know what can be improved, and possibly, methods of doing it. For some reason alot of stuff just looks like plastic. Probably because im just using some basic color schemes out of blender. I don’t know. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated!!! BTW, the sky is supposed to look some what Sci-Fi, and im sorry if it looks a little too dark on some peoples monitors.


The walls are too flat. You should add at least some normal/bumo maps to it. Preferably displacement maps, but that depends of the scene and the computer resources available. The sames goes for the ground. it’s too smooth. That should keep you going. Others can add other comments.

The scene is too dark even if i turn the brightness up.

Here’s an updated image with displacement map on the building, bump map on the wall, and a displacement on the ground. Tell me if you think it improved it or made it worse, and about the brightness, it looks fine on my screen, but other people have been saying its too dark. so, I’ll see what i can do to make it look fine for both.

On other things, instead of just having a displacement map, i would like to have bushes and dirt mounds and things of that nature to make it more realistic. Anyone have any advice on how to go about doing these things?

One last thing, anyone have advice or reference images of how to make a good roof for this type of building?

Thanks again!


Looks better :slight_smile:
The wall maybe doesn’t really need to be changed, at least if the picture will be taken form this angle only.

i can actualy see a uv-seam on the building but thats all id like to say right now :slight_smile:

K, even thought you said the wall shouldn’t be updated i decided to add a displacement map to it and it looks way better… now just for the ground it looks hideous. Any ideas guys? i was thinking about some particle grass. and some bushes around the building.

About that seam, i think it cause i accidentally subsurfaced it… so ill see if i can fix it. but right now here’s the next image.

Fliberty, the whole bottom half of the image looks to be one huge undifferentiated blob of very dark brownish green. Just a suggestion: turn some lights on while your working on the modeling, so we can see what your doing and maybe offer some good advice. You can always turn the lights back down once you’re satisfied with the scenery.

Ok, I’ve turned the lights way up! I can now see that the cage needs some texture. I dont know how to create a rusted look. Anyone have any advice or tutorial that would assist me? Also, the transition of ground to the building is just not right. I’m not sure what to do… Anyway, here’s the pic.

again, a lot better then before how that the scene has something like a ground. However, take a close look. The scene doesn’t have a “primary light source”, there are no shadows. And that makes it still look a bit unrealistic. Try to get some “sun” light that casts shadows.

eh, is it for a purpose that the cage has all bars going trough it’s roof and the rest.

Here are my crits:

  • make the ground plane/grid flat
  • get/make a grass texture and add delete the particle grass
  • use a sun light casting shadows(Ray Shadow is only option so have Raytracing on if you want to see the shadows, also activate Shadows(at the Render Buttons/F12)
  • Use another light that looks like it’s source is from an object(a small lamp? eh you know, well I don’t know the right word for it but the lamps you mostly see in movies, the lamps farmers take with them in when searching the forest for thieves/muggers)
  • Use UV mapping for the ropes texture, cause it’s stretched(look at the rope at the pole then check back to the place where the rope is rolled up)
  • those trees are to small compared to the building and the wall
  • the building needs better texture mapping
  • the tree has so much branches, but look at the leaves laying on the ground
  • the trees need textures

I think you were already planning to do the textures later.
I don’t know if you already had pointed out these problems but, well just to make sure you have :wink: !

The lines in the drawing lead the eye to an empty space between a tree and the building. The gibbet, winch, cage set up makes no sense. Looks like a cage used for punishing criminals in medieval europe, when they hoisted them for display in public squares, but this location is not public, the cage is too small for a person and it only lifts the cage a couple of feet off the ground. Is the homeowner trying to punish miscreant dogs? Also, anyone operating the winch would have to be on his knees.

You should model some lintels above the windows. Built as shown now they would collapse. Also, the window openings should have some indication of framing, even if the window is no longer there, it would originally have been built with windows in mind. The building foundation should be made of larger, squarer stones (like the stones in the wall.)

You are probably looking for tips and tweaks in Blender to make this image look good, but the real problems here are not technical, they’re artistic.

Take a break and figure out what the image is trying to say. Move the camera around and do quick renders from a lot of different angles, distances, lens focal lengths. Print them, stick them up on a wall, look at them from the other side of the room. See which one attracts your eye. Or post thumbnails here and see which one attracts our collective eye.

K, well, i guess since you guys are asking about the story of this. This is being modeled after Tristram. This city is from the game Diablo 2. If you havent played it, it’s awesome and you should. The man standing there is Deckard Cain. He was imprisoned in the cage until a hero (you) come and rescue him. the cage is pretty acurate to what ive seen in screenshots, since i dont actually have the game installed anymore.

I do need fire and lots of it. I’m not sure the best way to do this. I need fire in the building and random blocks of wood on fire on the ground.

Well, heres and updated image. I have changed the layout and i completely modeled the roof of the building. I’m thinking that i will put a hole in the roof, because it would be collapsing. If anyone else has any other ideas to make it look like Tristram, it would be greatly appreciated.

Some reference pictures of Tristram