Stooopidest thread ever

I just came across a funny cat picture thread, and have decided to make an even stupider thread.

Bodybuilders. Stupid body builder pictures. The funniest you can find.

The really funny part- this guy is an old client of mine! I remember he had to walk down the hallway sideways…

That’s my contribution, I don’t think I’ll be coming back to this thread again lol…

Dude - ain’t nothin’ stupit about catz. I tellin’ ya.

That first guy taps the door and it falls in.

Seriously, I would think it’s fake, no one can support muscles that big.

It’s a rubber suit.

I didn’t say they were real muscles, just pointing that no one’s body can support muscles that big, it’s too much energy needed and too much to maintain it.

Not to mention if they’re not efficient at all someone with muscles a quarter of the size can take him down.

A nice little stab in one of those huge veins could take him out =]

I saw Spongebob wearing one of those suits… :wink:

Here my contributions:


edit: never mind that pic was huge! ill find a different one

Aargh! Calling Alden to make this a boat thread!!

I know it’s fake but this is just funny

Well, I suppose the 1st one could be used to learn muscle anatomy :]
But it makes me want to puke, heh…

That last one is funny in a ‘cute’ way, compared to the others :wink:

see the flash animation to the right?
there is 30 boxes with numbers, click on #11 :slight_smile:
gross though lol

I’m pretty sure my image is a fake (post #1) look at his right wrist (our left). There’s a straight line across it. Nice smile on that lady…

Weirdest thread ever…

In #1, his skin tone doesn’t even match his suit.

ALDEN! ALDEN! Where are you when you’re most needed? The hotline is too hot to handle! It’s up to you to save the day!!!

EDIT: Ah well. Doesn’t look like he’ll turn up.

This thread is now about boats:

Steroids make it all possible (not that I’m saying it is real but that it could be). And you’re right, those muscles don’t make him strong as much as stupid-looking.