Stop blender from saving each layout

Each time I save a new layout and use the layout Blender saves each instance on the layout, for example I save a UV mapping layout, when working in that layout i may move a few windows around… when i want to go back to the original UV map layout i see that blender actually saved the current view (moved window) over the layout that i saved!

The root problem is that currently there is no “save layout” button, you just type the name of the layout, click enter and Blender auto saves it… the system is using a “rename” style save action which is not smart to do, for layouts there should be a “save layout” button not just a “type a name auto save style system”.’

Added to that the layouts auto overwrite. awesome blender.

How do I get blender to stop overwriting my saved layouts with current views?
Create a new screen layout rather than editing the existing ones

I dont follow, how will that stop blender from overwriting? If i work within the saved layout and make a minor change while in that layout, will it overwrite the save?

tell me if im correct: when I use a saved layout my only option is to “use” the saved layout with out touching any panels at all. if that is correct that is sooo dumb

Not sure if I get the problem…
Blender saves your current screen layout with the file you work in. If you open that file again with “Load UI” enabled, you will continue in exactly the same layout you left the file. If you uncheck “Load UI” in the open file dialogue, Blender will open the file with the default layouts you defined in your startup file.

Could you elaborate what the issue is exactly?

No this is a problem within Blender while working in Blender, not an open Blend file, save Blend file problem. In this problem there is no opening or closing blender. The problem is when you pick a layout (lets say UV map layout with 3 windows) from the “Choose screen layout” section and you start working in that layout, for example if while working in that layout view with 3 windows you decide to maximize a view port window while in that UV map layout (maximized single window), if in that state you switch to a different layout, and then go back to the UV map layout the UV map layout will now have a single maximized window… this is the issue. I wish blender would cancel any changes while in a layout and always default to the layout that was saved when you named the layout.

if its till not understood i can post a video on my channel

The layouts are just some ideas for you to use, if you change them, then they are changed, in the current blend file. If you want to keep one always available to you then simply don’t change it, just add a new layout and change that.

You can either be a person who sticks to fixed layouts or one who just changes them as they go along and not bother about them.

If you want an option to restore the default screen layouts I’m sure this could be done with an addon

But wouldn’t that be a major PITA workflow-wise?

Say, you painstakingly adapted the UV map layout to the requirements of a special file. Now you switch over just briefly to a modeling layout to make some changes to the mesh, come back to the UV map layout and - have to start all over again with your layout adjustments?

BTW, you can maximize each and every viewport by hitting Ctrl-UpArrow without having to mess with the layouts at all. And, as Richard said, you can always create new layouts based on the existing ones. That way you can easily dismiss the custom ones and return to the unaltered default ones if you wish.

Honestly, the only annoying thing I really see with the way Blender handles saved layouts is that it’s dead easy to delete them (and using the undo operator is not always effective).

Blender now has a prompt if you try to X out of Blender without the scene being saved, it would work good in this case too.

I’ll have to look into an add on to add the functionality type i want, but it would be nice if there was a function that allowed the user to toggle the best setup for them - auto saves vs single saves.

if you painstakingly tuned it to the just right settings you needed you would then manually save it. Its akin to saving a model that you worked on for hours

“And, as Richard said, you can always create new layouts based on the existing ones. That way you can easily dismiss the custom ones and return to the unaltered default ones if you wish.”

Ill have to try this it may be a good workaround.