This is a highly destructive substance that’s even in our drinking water (at least here in america). Ihalation of it can cause death and it’s also corrosive to metals and can cause severe burns. It can be found in most house hold chemicals and in sodas and drinking water. Here’s a link to the anti-DHMO website >>>LINK<<<

It’s true! It’s also a key element of Acid rain, and is so volatile that the US Navy are currently researching ways to employ it in warfare!

Yeah imagine that.

If you could blow up the whole world by using a dangerouse substance that is in nearly every substance. You could have complete control over the world.

Conspiracy theorist walks in…

OLD! (but funny!)

Oh my… Don’t say it’s… No… WATER?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Were all doomed! %| Well, maybe if the military figured out how to electrolyze all the worlds oceans into hydrogen, chlorine, and Sodium Hydroxide…

Stop Cummingtonite!

(see this list).

Stop Yourfaceium. Here’s the effects, of it on animals.

And where does the chemical comes from ?

It comes from buttoxium. Buttoxium is commonly found in the seat of pants, on toilets and sometimes on faces after intoxication from drugs or alcohol.

come on guys.

lets keep it real here.

i find it highly amusing that we, to a certain extent are keeping it real…

at least, everything in jackblack’s first post was true (although the “highly destructive” part is arguable)

heh, its a silly thread anyway

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It is not, just look at what happened in New Orleans or with the Tsunamis.


hmm…this sounds like a case of jackassium…

My name and a keister should never be combined into an element, that’s just wrong lol

How about Penguinone?

I heard that a styrofoam cup factory in California was nealry shut down when an enraged public heard that they were using dihydrogen monoxide in their production.

Dihydrogen monoxide? A nasty, nasty chemical. Stay away from it at all costs! Never accept it from anyone. It often appears in water supplies without people realising, though - if you detect any hint of it, immediately rip the tap out and attack your water main with a mattock. :smiley:

Dear god, we must banned this evil substance, JUST THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN !!!

Screw the children! Save yourselves!

Wait, I got it, we can let the oil company regulate water, they can separate the compounds for our safety.

Man, I wish I could shake it like jeeves avatar :frowning: