Stop direct lighting on specific object?

It’s hard to see but it’s the inside of an O’Neil cylinder, there’s a point light on the other side of the glass, it reflects an ugly circle onto the glass from both sides.

I have unchecked glossy in the glass’s ray visibility, and any of the recommended nodes to get rid of a specific reflection in a glossy material also seems to stop transmission or have other unwanted effects or just not work. The only thing that seems to work is clamping the direct lighting, but it also gets rid of the emission from the buildings. I simply want to get rid of that ugly bright circle which I assume is the reflection from the direct lighting of the point light. I thought unchecking “glossy” would get rid of it but it doesn’t actually make a difference. Also, there seems to be other similar effects created from not unchecking “transmission” under the object’s ray visibility, just in case you might be thinking that is my problem, it’s not. Thank you.

Also, I realize it looks like it is a reflection from above, especially because one the support bars is in front of it, I’ve tried putting a big square in between it to block the light but the bright circle remains, the light doesn’t even have the range to reach the top. Could this be caused by its cylindrical shape?