Stop eu copyright transform ✊


I don’t often get involved in politics, but I do need to speak up and mobilise our community today as the European Parliament is set to vote on new copyright laws that will have a far-reaching effect on content creators, website owners and every citizen of the internet.

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This is simply ridiculous. How can they even consider this?

There’s no limit to what politicians don’t understand.


So political discussion is allowed on BA now? For everyone or only you? Any topic allowed or just this one?

Good luck with that. It didn’t work out so well in the past.


This is going to affect the entire Blender community - or at least the EU based part of it. So yeah, I feel I’m justified posting it here.


Hehe, politicians understand perfectly… and their wallets too.
I have not taken the trouble to read what it is about, but I could bet that surely with this reform, some powerful one will win.

Already know about it, and just signed the petition.
Let me add: this is about freedoom of speech in general, but is about freedom of creating content in particular.

In short: You cannot held yourself and your rights in a court anymore; everything is decided before the trial. This, effectively, evicts the copyright laws (and copyleft, of course) of its value and defraud anyone of its own rights under this particular law.

EDIT: for those who thing this is related to politics. This is not about politics at all. This is about your house that someone is trying to steal from you. I don’t know if you call that politics, I simply call that theft.

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I’ll just paste what I said in the article comments

I really don’t think a petition is going to fix anything at all.

Like, the EU already knows what’s wrong with what they’re doing

They’ve responded by claiming that you and I have been “brainwashed”, “deceived” by American “Big tech” companies who just don’t want to support the Artists™

And they’re going to go ahead and do it anyway. What are you going to do about it? What can you do about it? Signing a petition is literally the best the European people can do to stop their holy parliament from passing legislation they don’t like, and that’s what should make you afraid, the next time they do this on something more important than just copyright law.

I am going absolutely conform with the non-political policy of BA. It should and certainly will stay that way.

Anyway, this is something that is brought upon us as a community and it will have an effect on people worldwide by having a direct impact on this site. We will be restricted and hindered in a to-date unthinkable way to communicate our creative and intellectual thinkings with the rest of the world.

I fully support Bart in his decision to pick up this topic. And encourage people to learn more about the matter. Especially if they are living outside of the EU.
I really am under the impression that not everybody really got why this is so endangering and contra productive for all the development that Europe has gone through. (Deliberately leaving out all other topics within this “trend”).


Well to nitpick, there are people who would argue that “oh private property isn’t real, so really, you’re stealing that house from the people, thus you are the one committing the theft from the “thief”.”, I wouldn’t argue that but these people do exist.

So technically, it is politics

Reminds me of youtube and its “guilty until proven innocent” policy. Videos are taken down or revenue redirected automatically until dispute is resolved. The VIP/corporate channels never have this problem or restriction. They basically do not allow fair-use either due to their automated content ID system. If you are a little guy you get screwed, you can’t have fair use like the big media companies and VIPs and you might as well not get to copyright your own stuff (remember those youtubers who had their own works taken down by content ID, because their work was used after the fact by a big MSM company).

Now you even have scammers using the youtube “guilty until proven innocent” copyright system to extort money from small channels. As a little guy, it’s your job to be stepped on. Apparently.

Well that’s not strictly true. They do understand one thing: money > pockets.


Well it affects the community, so I don’t get why you’re upset… Just because?


Is there a bigger protest that could happen to stop this s**t.

You know what, just wondering if this damn idiot decision (or should I say “smart”) could lead to a break through on technology with companies seeking to bypass these oppressing rules.

I imagine if the entire web could move to the deep layer and start using decentralized hosting and processing in such a way that no government can do anything about, just like blockchain based currencies like Bitcoin


Duh, almost forgot about people with those romantic thoughts…
Thoughts seldom doomed to end. Especially when confronted with long jail terms.

Join a local protest this Saturday. You can find a link to a list of events on my BlenderNation post.

Mister Goebbels looks up from the grave towards the EU and feels proud… Signed the petition.

Don’t take it as being defeatist or anything, but when has an online petition ever accomplished anything? If that’s the only option available then it’s clear that common people have been rendered powerless to do anything about reforms like this.