stop hating on sonic for no reason.

I think I found the perfect use for this video

It was only towards the end of the video I realised this wasn’t an Angry Joe video!:evilgrin:

I’m glad the internet/YouTube didn’t exist when I was a kid, or there would probably be videos of me doing this kind of stuff.


Seriously. I am SO GLAD that every stupid thought I had when I was 12 isn’t cataloged for all eternity on the interwebs. The worst I have to answer to is communist hippie rantings from when I was 25 and had a soul.

And I was too paranoid back then to use my real name.

Posting rants on YouTube can actually be dangerous when you look at how often the YouTube crowd will call for your death if you say something they disagree with. It’s basically the quickest way to put a massive target on your back for cyberbullying.

It’s a good thing they don’t actually carry out their violent fantasies (they’re just people with no morals typing on a keyboard mainly) or otherwise we would need to build massive prison camps designed for YouTube and Reddit users.

I’ve never had a death threat on YouTube or Reddit. I do have a couple PMs here on BA calling me a Nazi and various other things that are pretty funny though. Sometimes people’s emotions get away from them over silly things.

This American Life had an interesting show related to it around a year ago. They even interviewed the troll about why he was doing it.

He’s a kid and gets angry because they don’t like sonic. So he expresses it on youtube.

Adults sit in governments and get angry that they don’t like their religion. So they start a war.

I’m also glad that I didn’t post my shit when I was kid,

seriously, I was just like this kid when I was 8-12


you might wanna edit that before fweeb locks this thread for starting a flame war,
I mean that comment has the full package, both religion AND politics
It’s not that I disagree (except for the war part) it’s just…

Politics, political expression and political propaganda are considered inappropriate.