STOP hijacking my keyboard shortcuts

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Thoughts and prayers, tiny warrior.

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I also got surprised by this feature, but I dont think its all that bad, What you could possibly type on the page search that’s so worrying, anyway seems like they changed to Shift+Ctrl+F now instead, possibly to avoid situations like yours.

It’s not worrying, it’s intrusive.

I just tried ctrl + f and it still pops up here.

Anyways, I was kidding about legal action. BA is not scamming but it closely resembles a feature I saw mentioned that scam sites do use.

And because it’s ajax based, it “collects” everything you type.

First of all, it’s a discourse thing, not a BA specific thing. The page is loaded (via AJAX and JQ) as you scroll, so you can’t “find” stuff below the fold until it’s been loaded.

Second, hit ctrl+F again if you want your browser’s finder tool.

So third, calm your tits, partner. :slight_smile:


Who cares about discourse things, I write my own web frameworks all the time. And never would I allow my site to go around hijacking someones hotkeys.

I don’t care how cool you think it is, it’s still a security risk and potential for BA to get sued. So my tits are always calm because I don’t have to worry about breaking any law, how about yours?

LMAO Cool story bro. Diva much? I really have nothing else to say. LOL

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What gives you the idea that I have anything to do with running BA? I’m just a regular user here, bud. And I’m only being a jerk because you’ve come in here all half cocked after using a tool that nobody forced you to use, and is fairly standard on web 2.0 sites that have dynamic page loading… But you’d know all about that since you “write your own frameworks”

But good luck with all that, bud.

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Half cocked is right, because now I have private code floating around in some log sitting on some server, and i never consented to it.

I write my own frameworks from source, I don’t use other people’s templates.

Developers should exercise more caution in their designs, try making it obvious that shortcuts have been overridden, and (at a minimum) do NOT create inconspicuous modal popups that have AJAX key logging capability. That is all

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Can we get back to a civilized discussion, @Blended_Blue?


I get the standard search bar when I press CTRL+F. I am using Firefox on Windows 10 Pro. I also tested this in Chrome and Brave browser. Standard search bars for both.

Anybody got a screenshot of this intrusive helper thing?

The Discourse search box opens on longer search topics. As cgCody mentioned, that’s the only way to search content that hasn’t been fully loaded yet. Press CTRL+F or CMD+F again to close it and bring up your browser’s search again.

@Blended_Blue giving feedback is fine, but you’re crossing the line here. Keep it cizilized. I also checked your search history and only found a stream of insults and some 3-keyword lines of code from half a year ago. It doesn’t look like anything bad actually happened, you’re just looking for a fight. If you hate this site so much (your comments above and search history seem to suggest it), just don’t use it.


@bartv! :muscle: ROCK AND ROLL! :+1::+1:


Not sure what all this fuss is about. I hit CTRL+F and “Find on page” pops up.

Try it on a longer thread. It only appears on threads long enough that the lower part of the page hasn’t been dynamically loaded in.

And all it really is is the site’s search function set to search only the current thread.

it is about this search function, that appears on longer threads, and a possible security risk OP sees in it.

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Scary stuff. Thanks for confirming.!!

Just commenting on the main point: I agree it’s bad design.

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