stop making games

i just read this letter from Ton:

"We now have come to the conclusion that there is no future for blender’s realtime engine, we’ll probably remove it in the new version. "

so, why are we wasting our time??


Let’s hope it’s only an April fool :-?

HA! It was an April fool! :stuck_out_tongue:

What a stupid statement. It’s true there in no professional place for a near complete game engine. But remember that story about the spider. It eventually climbed that drain pipe. Stupid to put so much work in and not finish it.


Edit: Hahaha, we all fell for it. Saras letter “from ton” was posted in the news forum under APRIL FOOLS! What a laugh.

Ah, the beauty of edit!

WHEW!! 8)

I got a little scared there!


I found this from page 92. Just wanted everyone to see it for no good reason. :smiley:

This thing is REALLY old. Everyone should read historical documents of the Elysiun archives. You could even get new (well, OLD) ideas for games.

So what exactly did we get from this?

i often read the first posts from elysiun, it is fun :slight_smile:

OMB I got really shocked here, I was reading the first post, and I was like. :o :o You’re kidding, are you?

Then I scrolled down the topic and saw someone saying it was an april joke, but still not sure. Then suddenly saw the time of the first post. And it was like, ppfffffeuhw that was scarry. :wink: Well I remind that some months later, the engine was really gone, but I’m happy it’s back. :smiley:

oh… only a joke… :smiley:

even if it was true, i’d still would keep making them

Exactly, I’m still happy with 2.25, even though there are a couple of bugs the scripts of wiseman (alpha testing) and others have fixed many problems. My goal is not to make professional games but to make fun good games that i can share with my friends. Plus i enjoy working with the game engine more than the render engine (mainly becuase to preview your rendered work, the renders sometimes take hours to finish, whereas in the game engine you just press “p” )

I almost got scared there for a minute, even if ton didn’t want to work on the engine other blender users may take it up.

:frowning: i almost had a heart atack :frowning: don’t do that!!! its scary.

Wow, it’s really not all that cool to dig up 2 year old posts. Thanks for the spam.


:o Ok, you just almost give me a heart attack too.

:-? Sigh I got real depressed for a moment there. Hmm, it would really suck if development had stopped. Even though there was a working version for the real time engine, if it had not been brought back in 2.34, the game engine might become obsolete later on. Plus the promise of new features ROCK!!!

Hmm, yup it’s strange I initially started blender to create commercial products with it (Skills aren’t quite there yet). However, if I do create games I’d just release it to the Blender community, Blender just fun :stuck_out_tongue: .

Lol, hmm, my reply will probably bump this post up and give some other poor unexpecting soul a fright. I say sorry in advance.

Jason Lin

actually that was a real post.


the game engine wasent removed after this post, it was a joke.
The only time the Game Engine was removed was when NAN went down, and blender fondation took over, it took a while before the game engine comed back.

:< He he hee! I hope no one actually had a heart attack! :smiley: