Stop Motion Animating []Tim Burton[]

Hello, I am new to the animating side of blender and I really want to start off with a stop motion style such as Wallace and Gromit or Nightmare before christmas. Now I know they are done with Camera’s and frame - frame animating [Stop motion] but is such an effect acheivable in blender? if so what is the most effective way to do this?

I toy’d with the idea doing it frame by frame but I might as well use a real camera and set. any tips ?

Do all that’s needed for casual CG animation but use same standard as stop motion animation does… no motion blur, noise on movements, lower frame rate, model to scale…

“Up in the gallery”… follow the links :wink: (although this one is true to style, frame by frame)

Ah ok makes sense I guess, But I am intrigued on the noise on movements, I’ve heard of using noise for camera shake etc. but this sounds like a good use.Thank you I’ be sure to test some stuff out!