Stop motion animation: Barnacle Bert
Hey everybody! I just took an experimental animation class, and I wanted to share my little movie with all of you. You can see it on YouTube. If there’s any interest, I may also upload a hi-res version to my website, or perhaps Vimeo. There’s also a page on my website with some hi-res stills. I hope you enjoy it!

I love the style. Great work!

. Nice!!

Brilliant work. How long did it take you?

really nice!

Three weeks. It was an “intensive” class between semesters, three weeks devoted to making one animation. Hour-by-hour I’m not sure what the breakdown was, but I will vouch for the fact that I spent a lot of time on it.

Thanks for all your kind words!

I watched a bit of it, without sound, and was quite captivated by the short. A few tense moments, and while it is no Avatar 3D, it certainly well above my skills, imagination and . . . . well effort factor. The composition is quite professional, given what resources you at your disposal.

It’s now available on Vimeo if anyone wants to see it in high-res:

Very good! Congratulations.

Very nice! The detail is great, I love the “doodle” style :), but its also interesting how other parts are exceedingly simple (e.g. the waves)